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    Question 97 venture triple questions and pointers

    I'm the happy owner of a 97 1100 venture! Got a great deal on it. 125psi all the way across.

    LCD is on last breath, can't see much. If I get a replacement LCD, are the hours stored in the LCD or in the CDI unit? I have heard both.

    floor it at rest and it BOGS and dies. feather the gas a bit, it catches and flys. Carb rebuild/clean up?

    The reverse is tempermental, the knob throws but the cowl over the jet doesnt always work, is it just a lubrication situation?

    Any thoughts anyone has on this oldie but a goodie ski, I'd love to hear it. It's a low budget answer to having little ones at the beach, on an innertube. the GP760 just wasnt getting it done.

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    The hours are stored in the Display itself. How is it hard to read? Does it have the black half moon?

    I have two 95's (701) and one does the bog thing. From what I've read that does mean that the carbs need to be rebuilt and I've just been too lazy since it works fine if you feather it a bit.

    I haven't figured out exactly why the reverse buckets seem to stick like that. If your's is like mine, it only happens when it is in the water and running. I think it is just something odd with the linkage. Sometimes it's fine, others you have to play with the handle or give a small shove on the bucket.

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    REbuild your carbs b4 you run it again. Why would you continue to operate a 2 stroke that has carbs that need gone through? That's simply asking for a rebuild or loss of the entire engine. You need to get rebuild kits for the 3 "38" mm carbs. Since you have an external fuel pump....I would call John at Jet Ski soultions and get just what you need since you don't need the pump portion of the stock kits.


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