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    Unhappy 04 STX-12F Cannot Start

    Hey All, should i replace the CDI unit next on my 04 stx-12f ?
    • engine cranks but does not start
    • main and fuel pump relay test out ok
    • new multifunction display installed ( shows 0 total hours - should this value be comming from CDI unit? )
    • 12v direct to fuel pump spins pump - no voltage when key on or cranking
    • cannot enter slo mode by pressing mode button down for more than 7 seconds
    • no clicking sounds comming from relays at all even when cranking
    Any ideas would be appreciated. I have been banging my head on this for a few months now. Arrrugh..


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    It sounds like you checked it out pretty well. The display records the hours not the cdi, I cannot for the life of me understand why, ford does this as well and it is beyond me. The 2004 12f did not come with slo mode, that was an option on the 05 15f and to my knowledge the 12f never had it. I would run throught the connectors on the wiring harness and check for corrosion and clean them. try sending 12 volts directly to the fuel pump and starting it, if it works then you know that the cdi will work. Check the fuel pump fuse as well.


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    My '07 has slo-mode. I dont think 04 would.
    Do you hear pump pressure up when turning orange lock-out key on? If so pump may be okay. If it has a buncha junk in the gas filter could plug. Filter is in pump I believe. Does he have spark?
    I don't know much so I will watch this and learn....

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    Thanks for the feedback! I apprciate it. When i turn the orange lock out key to the on position i head nothing dead silence. The main fuse is good, no corosion on the connectors, i do not know where the fuse for the fuel pump relay is, but if i hook up 12v to the pump using the connector, it spins up. no voltage to the spark coils i could see when cranking.. It's hard to test the up/down sensor could this be the culprit? I ordered a used cdi unit from ebay for $80 to try it. We have no kawasaki dealership around here so i cant just take it in.. I would have paid the ~90 or so to pinpoint the problem.

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