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    Thumbs up How can I tell if my Oil Pump is working?

    I just purchased 2 1998 stx Jet Skis, One is a 750 and the other is a 900..

    Both in great shape, the 900 has a new engine.

    I have never owned a kawasaki before and I am wondering how I know if the Oil Pump is working....

    Is there a light or gauge for this?

    I have not run them yet as they are in the Fiberglass shop getting all spruced up and cleaned.

    Anything else I should know about these skis would be helpful..


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    I was concerned about this with my (new to me) Ultra 150 when I bought it. I went through the machine thoroughly. Checked the oil lines for cracks, abrasions, etc. Checked the oil pump cable travel (not sure how yours is setup) etc. Then I hooked the trailer up to the truck with the ski on it while on level ground. I marked the oil level in the tank with a Sharpy. I ran pre-mix the first couple tanks until I knew everything was working correctly. After each session I would mark the oil level in the tank again once it was on the trailer on level ground. Then I filled the tank back to my starting line to see how much it took. Then I did the math and checked it against the service manual oil output specs. It was about right.

    The service manual for the Ultra has a procedure for checking the pump. Basically you remove each oil line while running pre-mix and you measure how much output in a 2 minute period for all 5 outputs at 3000rpm. There is a spec. I bet the STX's have something similar, but I don't have those manuals.

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