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    Setup prefferences- holeshot or speed?

    This topic is here for folks to give opinions about ski setup as it relates to fun factor.. for lack of a better word. Not talking racers or serious super surf-jumpers, just regular folks who use their toys to 88-94% of what they are capable of.. call it 'second-tier' riders.. not quite as docile as the family-guy but we don't come home each day with a different story about how we almost died either.

    Given that the forum is national and folks here have various experience levels, water conditions, abilities, and pocketbooks.. I know there will be a range of opinions and none are unwelcome or less correct than others.

    I have 2 of the popular 10 year old 1200 2-strokes in my stable.. I'm old enough that I've decided that it's better for me to buy someone elses modded rig than spend time and money setting up my own so no I have not CHOSEN the particular setups but the 2 are definetly different from each other and allow me to review the 2 types of setup. One is an x river-racer and the other is a dragrace configuration. Both are what I would call 'stage 1' not really supermachines. Both are 1200's and top speed is 52 and 64 and actually the slower one has 10 more stock HP.

    I think I like holeshot and maneuverability over top-end and I would think that if a person rode long enough.. that he/she would eventually lose the speed bug. I see more people talking about top speed than doing 180 degree turns on plane and although I've done my share of 1-minute full-throttle runs through ~2 foot seas walking a powerboat, I've never taken a spill so my bias toward a QUICK machine rather than a FAST one isn't based on having a high speed spill.

    Modern machines, and modified modern machines have probably solved the problem of having to decide between arm-stretching accelleration plus 25 mph 180's on-plane verses being able to do 75+. You guys have it good and you aren't who my audience is - but I would love to hear what it's like to sit on almost 300hp- cripe! can't imagine.

    What I like best about having pulling-power rather than speed is, my faster ski just doesn't have that PULL from 25 to 50 that I like when hitting boat wakes and jumping breakers in the surf. Sure it gets airbourne but you have to plan differently and I guess it's the extension spacers on the drive unit but steering it at low to medium speeds is odd. Is this common with speed skis? The sponsons are sucked in right against the body and full UP. I think it is generally said that the "motorcycle" maker brands have issues with the older hull designs whereas when you modify the engines for more speed, the hulls aren't really set up for that kind of speed so you get bad things happening. I want to widen and lower the sponsons on the Kawasaki but am wondering if that will cause problems at speed.

    I don't really have to have the couple of questions above answered- just maybe tell what you like about your setup and why you like it... or what you eventually would like to own and what kind of riding you do, or would do... big surf, river, fast river, pylons, dragrace, ocean, lake, etc

    PS- I'm new.. was looking to post an ad in the f/s section to trade my BMW for another ski.. but I need more posts to be able to do that. Help a bruddah out? I'll be replying to whatever I get here- thanks!

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    That's a very interesting question. I would say, for the most part, I like to go fast. We ride on a small inland harbor that attaches to Lake Erie. Most of the time we're out racing from end to end, hanging off the back and having fun. The flip side to that is we are not out jumping tohe boat wake like we used to. With rear air and all, it worries me to go out and accidently tail stab in and suck up some water.

    We also take out the old 2 strokes sometimes and jump the waves on the lake. Nothing beats going out and getting busy when a storm rolls in.

    Overall I'd say that I'm a top speed guy. It's great to be able to get out and run like crazy, always trying for that next .1 mph.

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    Your description of the speed running is good, I have only been in the bay when it was calm ONCE and when I got up to speed on my first ski- a 04 Yamaha 1200 XLt I remember it did 62, I could lean forward on it reeal far and looking forward I couldn't see the ski under me and it was like flying for a good mile or so. I don't think I've been on calm water since I got lucky with the time of day/wind/tide that day.

    I take it the air intake is vulnerable - is that after a modification? Mine comes from the nose.

    Someone will have to explain "hanging off the back" - dragging feet in the water, or is that a second person holding on to the rear of the ski :-O

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