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    cooling uprades for GTX 951

    Hi guys just have a few questions about cooling upgrades for 951 rotax engine thats been bored out to a 1020. I bought the engine from the states and it has some cooling upgrades that i am not sure how to plumb into a standard system.
    It has a case cooler and i have plumbed it into the engine water delivery line befor the T piece for exhaust cooling and the out line for the cooler i have routed it to a T piece in the engine block drain line. Is this wright and should the out line have a restrictor in it?
    The engine also has 2 barbed fittings in the top of the head (deffinatly not standard) apparently thet are for water out. Can i just plumb them into any engine water out system and do they need restiction jets. If anyone knows of these type of upgrades any info would be great

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    Just plumb those fittings to a couple of pissers out of the side, I also have a pisser for the case cooler other wise you don't know if the water is flowing or not.

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    i have replaced the battery with a fully sealed one and now i have a spare pisser on the port side. can i use that or will there be to much pressure? if do i just pt a restrictor in it?

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