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    Seadoo Wake 2008 Model Wake 215hp Supercharged - ECU Problem

    Hi I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem I have with the ECU in my 2008 Wake 215hp supercharged which is I believe the same as an RXP except that it has the tow pole etc fitted. The ski was well and truly dunked in salt water and has now been cleaned out and looks ok except the ECU pins have coroded that badly that some of them broke off when the A&B connectors were removed.I am assuming that the ECU itself is dead as I assume that shorting would have made the pin corrosion worse at the pins with the battery etc connected. I need a replacement ECU and I thought if I get an ECU and key together secondhand then I should be able to just fit the ECU and the ski will run without having to reprogramme anything. Am I correct in thinking that? What about if I bought a new ECU and key? Would I then need to get a dealer to programme them in the ski. The part # of my ECU is 420665789 and I also need just a standard DESS key so if anyone can help I would appreciate that. Thanks ,John.

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    Hi, there. Want to buy Sea Doo engine ECU (ECM), part # 420665789. Fits almost all Sea Doo's year 2008-2009. Does someone have this part or can get one for me? Thank you.

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