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    pump support inlet guide vanes

    This is the part that the pump mounts to. The inlet guide vanes are busted off in two radial areas. The machine pulls fine until we drag a 3 man tube behind it. Earlier it pulled the 3 man tube with no issues. Great top end and hole shot, so other wise it rides fine. The problem lay when whiping the tube as the machine cavitates and just sits there. The impeller is fine, the wear ring clearance is good also. The sealant is in place for the pump/ride plate. Before I replace the support it would be nice to know if this is indeed the cause of tube pulling cavitation and/or if the rest of the vanes could be removed to restore tube pulling performance. I'm interested in similar factual situations employing the above two potential fixes.



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    If all the vanes are intact, the ski runs great. If a couple/few get broken, it cavitates. You have two choices: pull and replace the pump shoe (giant PITA), or just grind all the vanes flat. MANY of us have broken a couple vanes, had cavitation, and just ground off the rest of the vanes, and the ski runs 100% again. Grind all the vanes flat and you will be fine again ... people on here have been doing this for 5+ years now. Nobody really knows why the vanes are there, but they have to be 100% good, or 100% gone, anything in between and you get cavitation. Replace the pump shoe, and you may break them again ... far better to just grind them out.
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    Were you able to grind the vanes off through the inlet area with the grate removed? I'm thinking or weazuling out of removing the pump.


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    It would be easier, but with the driveshaft in the way too, it is almost impossible to do it without removing the pump (and the driveshaft). I had to remove the pump and driveshaft to get them all smooth like I wanted them. You might be able to keep the driveshaft in place, but removing the pump and working from the back of the ski makes it waaay faster and easier.

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    Thanks Dude

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