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    Red face RPM question for a SL 750

    1995 Polaris SL 750, triple outlet pump, carbs recently taken off, apart, and then reassembled.

    I have been reading all the threads that I can find, but still can't seem to get my idle RPM where I want it. In the water, the lowest it will go is about 2500 rpm and at that pace it is really moving forward. At WOT, it is about 5200 rpm, which seems a bit low to me. Not a lot of power out of the hole.

    I have a low-speed and high-speed screw for each carb that I can turn manually because they have a little "T" handle arrangement. Even if I seat the low-speed screws and then open them 1/32 of a turn, the idle is too high.

    There are two spring-loaded screws that are between the carbs that seem to adjust the linkage from one carb to the next. Adjusting those dropped the idle from over 4000 to around 2500.

    The only other adjustments are the throttle cable itself, adjustable at the throttle itself and where it attaches to the carbs. I have it a with a little play available, not too tight and not real loose.

    I can open the choke (closing the butterflies) and lower the rpm until it actually dies. Does that mean anything?

    As for High RPM, the gauge was indicating about 5200 - 5300 rpm at 40 mph on the water. I have no frame of reference to know if that is good or bad or what. In fact, that 40mph could me meters, leagues, nautical miles...I really don't know.

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    Sounds like you need to syncronize your carbs

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    look down the carbs and push the throttle open.. do all the carbs open at the same time and 100% open?

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    If you were adjusting the spring loaded screws that tie the carbs together, you definately need to re-sync your carbs.

    Were you trying to adjust the carb screws with the limiter caps installed? (it sounds like it)

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    I took all three carbs off the mounting rail and separated them, so the screws that tie them together were the only ones touched. They were returned to their original position, but I have no idea if the original position was any good.

    I'm not sure what the limiter caps are, but I didn't remove anything so that is likely. Sounds like a trip to a mechanic is in order this winter, I am not a fan of syncing carbs!

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