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    Water inside is bad right?

    One more post because I have one more question. I finally got my 1995 SL 750 on the water this weekend, but noticed that my bilge pump was working overtime. I mean, lots of water inside whenever I am underway. So something is leaking somewhere. What are the usual suspects?

    I am putting a pretty decent rainbow slick in the water as well. Oil? Gas? Perhaps it just needs a good flushing, but I am certainly going to be searching for leaks. Can't be out there killing fish!

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    Strap it to the trailer, back it down the ramp until the jet pump intake is submerged.

    Run it with the seat off, and look for the leak(s). There may be more than one.

    Drive shaft through-hull seals - look for water dripping from under the drive shaft.

    Pitot hull fitting for the small clear speedometer hose, under the drive shaft.

    Normally there should be no water dripping into the hull when running at the ramp, or riding. Water during normal operation is from splashing while riding, not from leaks in the engine compartment.
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    I would bet it is either the thru hull bearing seals or the steering cable seal. Another way to test for leaks out of the water is to fill the bottom of the hull with water and watch the outside for leaks.

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    I suspect the through-hull seals also or a bad bilge plug. The pilot hose lets in water but not enough to put the bilge pump into overtime. Unless you were out there for an extended amount of time I guess. The only reason I am saying so is because I had a bad hose there and had less than a cup of water in the hull after being out there for about 30 minutes. The hose wasn't totally ruptured though so Keith makes a good point to check that as well.

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    Those guys are pointing you in the right direction, but I want to add another possibility.

    Check your siphon hoses.

    They are secured by the jet pump. If they aren't connected, you'll get alot of water.

    Also check to see if the hoses are routed up to the top of the hull and then down to the bottom where the screeen will pick up water.

    There is a small hole in the plastic piece at the top of the siphon hoses. Make sure it's clear. If it is not, it may actually be pumping water into the hull rather than out.

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