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    GPRXP project w/ Nils Rude fully built engine and all parts

    I have decided to sell my GPRXP project ski. I just have too much going on right now and no time. I have everything needed to put the ski together. I will consider selling with less parts if wanted, but hull and engine must go first and together.

    2002 GPR hull
    04 narrow seat with air vents
    05 RXT fuel tank installed
    hull cuts made
    pump tunnel reinforced
    new updated pump/plate brackets
    new updated front grate bracket with rear drilled/tapped to M8
    pump properly sealed
    hull mildly trued/clean up
    new Leo's holeshot kit
    battery tray mounted in rear
    versi drain plugs
    Pro Taper bars
    Oury grips
    new hydroturf w/ holes filled
    complete plastics w/ everything needed
    R-Pot carbon fiber fairings as an extra if wanted
    Wamiltons carbon storage box intake cover

    new Jim's FF plate
    cut metal trim tabs
    05+ pump
    15/26 dynafly prop
    pump pressure relief valves
    2" extension
    1200 intake grate
    I also have several other ride plates to sell if buyer wants.

    Nils Rude fully built 4-tech- i have receipt for over $8k in work. This engine is the Nillamonster that Jerry ran! Full valvetrain, pistons, porting, rotax racing cam, JE 9.5:1 pistons, full spec sheet on it
    new Riva Racing open loop kit w/ thermostat
    new open loop temp. sensor
    Riva Racing ECU
    ET-Extreme SC
    Riva 50 injectors
    Rude fuel controller
    new XS intercooler

    new Hydrotoys conversion motor mounts
    new Addicted driveshaft
    new TDR waterbox
    all wiring, MPEM, and all electronics
    gauges and harness

    $11,800 with carbon fiber fairings and 3 rideplates. Open to reasonable offers/trades!
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    any chance of parting with the Wamiltons carbon storage box intake cover

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    not right now! sorry!

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    $11,000?? This is a fully built engine! I think I have every part to put together!

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    any pics?

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    i can get pics of the ski and all the parts--- what would you like to see? thanks

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    any offers? I would also consider selling hull and engine individually.

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    what kind of speeds were you seeing with this set up?

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    The ski is not put together-- should be mid 90s all day long!

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