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    Ordered D-plate and sensor chip...questions

    I ordered Riva's d plate and sensor chip for the gp1300.... do I need to order the EFI controller as well in order for the ski to run properly?? When I ordered it, they said it was not necessary, but now I am hearing otherwise... thanks in advance

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    does altitude play into this factor? I am riding at 5000ft

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    Quote Originally Posted by firestoned View Post
    does altitude play into this factor? I am riding at 5000ft
    Since you are at a hard altitude...4, 5, 6 thousand you need an IFR clearance....if you were at an altitude like 5500 ft or 6500 ft you would be OK with a VFR can get a IFR clearance at a FSS (flight service station) if you can find one..The big thing is to stay out of Class B airspace....The old TCA.....

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    for a minute, I couldnt figure out what the hell you were talking

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    just to ring in on this i have a 05 1300r had an issue with the oil pump (check my other posts and you will see what i mean) well i fixed that issue. while i was in there and had the exhaust off i put in a d-plate and left out the factory air box replaced it with a riva cone filter went out for a ride and in the midrange i did a check of the plugs they were ash white when going to midrange it would breakup a little so i put a efi controler on and it runs and idles better than stock now plugs are a perfect chocolate brown from idle up to full throttle runs (did chops to find this out and make adjustments) so i think some skis are more lean than others and a check should be done to find this out dont just go out and hope it has enough fuel the end result can be bad.

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