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Thread: Skat VS DF...

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    Skat VS DF...

    another topic I don`t see to much tech on...
    alot of you folk use the DF`s and very few run the skat`s...

    can someone post up any experience with the skat VS DF, and what there most useful purposes are?

    I understand the Df`s make good speed, and the skat`s are great holeshot and choppy water props...

    is it true that a 13\19 skat is recommended for a stock 1300 GPR?

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    Andy my exp. with the Skat trak swirl 155 13/19,was good to say the least...hit 71.2 at 7180rpms and good holeshot...but the Dyna 14/20-14/22 just simply better all around , simply a better "bite"... the heavy chop I stayed away from all together...Duke's repitched 14/22 bites down nice and stays hooked up through the power curve till 7130rpms...with the help of the reflash...

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    thank you Dave... looks like you still had good speed with the skat. I understand the skat has great bottom end but wishy washy mid and falls a bit short up on top, where-as the DF`s grab hard and have a decent mid range hit and hard pull to the max rpm. you/I could actually feel the differences in props especially compared to the stocker. The stocker is mush with a few bolt-ons...

    any other test stories are welcomed...

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    On my ported 1300 and conversion the Skat props accelerated and hooked up better than the DF. They were always a little slower on top (2-3mph) but were more fun to ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbtd View Post
    On my ported 1300 and conversion the Skat props accelerated and hooked up better than the DF. They were always a little slower on top (2-3mph) but were more fun to ride.
    Im currently running the Nujet prop with small hub pump. Im shit off the line which is prolly due to the 800 intake, but midrange is violent. I hit max rpm very quick.

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    here is a look at the 2 props side by side. I can see why the Skat is more of a bottom end prop VS the top speeds of the DF`s.
    The skat is shorter in length compared to the DF.

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    And the AR is taller yet,

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    the blades on the skat are downswept right off the hub.

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    U all thought i was joking when i said i had an addiction..
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    in summary:

    sometimes I just have to find out myself and make the comparison.
    my results...
    The skat 13\19 prop is def a very strong holeshot prop. you can still feel a mid range hit, but the rpms come up very fast and then you`ve reached max rpm...
    The ski works very little to get on plane and the motor doesn`t feel loaded at all with this smaller pitch. Although I didn`t do back to back tests, temps, time of day, humidity were all about the same. temps low 80`s, 85% humidity, water was like conditions.
    First thing I noticed was reaching max rpm quickly and gaining 100+ in these same conditions over the solas DF.
    even tho the ski pulled hard with the several solas props with dif pitches, this skat almost yanked the bars from my hands unexpectedly . I was impressed with the very few mods on my ski.
    Speed was noticeably lower than the DF, and that was totally anticpated.
    The ski acts more playfull and predictable in turns, tight conditions, pulls to max speed in shorter distances from turn to turn in these marshes. there was no rpm fall off recovering from a turn. whereas the solas would drop rpm and need to catch up per say.
    now don`t get me wrong, there is a place for both props, just have to choose your style...
    I will add that I think this is an excellent prop upgrade for a "stock" ski, anything modded would benefit more from the solas line up.
    I call BS for reading that others have seen 71+ mph with the same skat 13\19... even if I had my ski set up for max speed, no way would it hit 70-71. that would be a 7+ mph increase in hull set up alone.
    63 was max speed, and 7286 was max rpm for this mornings ride.
    keep in mind this is with nozzle set at neutral, 87mm nozzle, 1200 grate, R&D sponsons on REC2. so plenty of drag...
    most likely get 1 - 1.5 mph increase with an 85mm nozzle. or even using the stock grate/sponsons...

    now that I have tried both props even tho being dif pitch numbers I now know the acceleration differences and speed differences.
    Skat> max hole shot, great recovery, playfull predictable and more control in confined waters, less top speed in open waters.
    Solas> def a top speed prop. very good hole shot, excellent mid range hit to max rpm...

    like anything else, any prop out of the box needs tweeking for your set up... this is just my opinions...
    but again, I do think the skat is an excellent choice for a stock ski if your not concerned with losing 1-2 mph...

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