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    Smashed up SHO!!

    Hey guys,

    I lent my 08 SHO (stealth black) to a buddy for the weekend. And his buddy t-boned him on another ski. I know the hull is Nano Xcel, but the top part above the bumper is it fibreglass or Nano as well? Also does anyone know of a website to price out factory paint? Any help is appreciate.


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    wow, sorry to hear that, hope everyone is ok...

    try here:

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    20! Dang it! NO! I am not going to say it-I'm not!!!!

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    Huh? What is the top portion of the body made of?

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    I wont lend my ski to ''MY MOTHER'',,,WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT hell yeaaaaa lending ur ski is not the best option,,,cuz then it comes the popular ( man im sorry it was an accident then ur fucked up with a scratch or totaled JET SKI hope u fix it man good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHOBOATIN View Post
    I lent my 08 SHO (stealth black) to a buddy for the weekend...
    Why is it I've never heard a story start with those words end well? Sorry to hear man.

    I'm not 100% but I think the deck is the same material as the hull, just thinner. The paint from colorrite is ridiculous expensive, & since it's black you really don't need OEM paint. I had my painter do some touch-up work on the black deck of my GPR & you'd never be able to tell it wasn't OEM paint. Getting a perfect match to the brighter metallic colors was a different story though. I had to use colorrite paint to match the blue.

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    top is nano also.....I have a small sample disk.....use epoxy resin not regular fiberglass resin........and never loan your ski.....last time I let a friend ride my GPR , it cost me 900 bucks to fix it...let your "friends" buy their own ski...they can then become greenhulk members and bitch about friends tearing up" their "ski's.

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    Been there, done that, sorry that happend, I learned by been nice, never again, it hurts to tell a good friend, but u hv to learn to said no. Now everyone knows, so don't lend it to none one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txgp1300r View Post
    never loan your ski.....last time I let a friend ride my GPR , it cost me 900 bucks to fix it...let your "friends" buy their own ski...
    +1, see number 7 on the list:

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    dude, that sux. NEVER LEND YOUR SKI. I believe it is all the same material. Top deck and hull. Super flimsy. don't know where you are, but there is a guy in Los Angeles who does great work on this material.

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