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Thread: sponson setback

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    sponson setback

    Ok so I'm trying to make my 09 tx handle better. I have worx sponsons and I'm considering making a custom plate that will drop down more and possible be set back further. Any input would be appreciated I'm not sure how far to set back I've heard an inch but anyone who has done it please chime in. Thanks

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    make some "ruff drafts" outa the plastic cutting board you can buy at any grocery store. make them 1 hole shorter (overall length), and maybe an inch or so taller then whatever your using now (you'll be surprised how little it takes to make a drastic change). that way you can move them forward/backwards also up/down. from there just go experiment and figure out what you like the best. some positions will turn in to a corner sooner, some later, some hook hard, some allow a little dirt track action slide of the rear. its all personal preference from there. after that you can make some fancy sponson's out of some nice plastic or aluminum
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