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    Thru Hull Exhaust Project

    Already thinking about a winter project. I want to put a thru hull in my rxt. i'd rather do it the fun way and make everything at the shop. i was hoping to get some insight from former installers. i was going to do 2.75" SS piping throughout, making sure to make a high enough bend from the WB not to flood. for the tip i was going to have my welder weld a flange on a short 2.75" pipe. i was going to cut some threads on a plug for the old exhaust outlet. my questions are these? Do i want the pipes to mate inside each other(giggity) or have the silicone couplers mate the ends? is the water injection bung critical to distance from hull and angle for sound suppression? Are the screws that attach the tip fastened with nuts on the other side or are the self tapping and grab the glass? thanks for the help.

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    I would not mate the two so that there is a little flex. The tip should attach with bolts. If it ever came out you would sink pretty quick.

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    The tip actually has a flange that goes on the inside of the hull and has 4 holes driiled and tapped. then you're just using machine screws to sandwich the 2 together. I went a little overkill and used some 3m 5200 on the inside and out to create a good seal. If you look at the install instructions for the riva setup, there is a nice template you could probably use. You can find the instructions HERE

    Hope this helps!

    Pauly C.

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