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    Virage TX or TXi?

    Hi there. New to the forums and hope to answer what I'm sure is a stupid question. Is this a Virage TX or TXi? It is a 2001 year model and is 1200cc.

    My wife and I found it from an old guy that only used it when his grandkids were in town so it has a whopping 19 hours on it. It runs oddly at low-mid rpms but runs great wide open and the red light in the middle of the top of the screen blinks sometimes, but the display doesn't say anything else. The blinking light always stops when you are at full or mostly full throttle. I have no manual and in all of the manuals that you guys have made available none of them explain this little light. I searched and read and searched and read and I must not know the right search term to use. This thing is god-awful fast and if I could get it to perform well through the bottom spectrum of the throttle it would be perfect.

    Help me Obi Wan Kenobis, you are our only hope.
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    Txi in a tx hull? Don't worry k447 will have you sorted out in no time, but you will have to peruse his signature first, alot of good reading in there.

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    I thought I read somewhere that TXi Virages had red handles and this one has red handles. It is bone stock without a scratch on it and has everything all original down to the cover and spark plugs. He put a new battery in it this year to sell it to me. I don't think it has ever had a screw turned on it.

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    Yeah, I went through every clickable item in his sig and even downloaded the excel spreadsheets on model numbers to try to figure this one out myself. I feel like such a noob and that is a hard place for me to be.

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    I googled 2001 virage and every model that looked like yours was a tx.

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    I did the same thing and where it was a TX they had black handles and where a TXi they had red. You watch, I have a mutant. First my kids and now the ski.

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    i have read that all tx's in 2001 where really tx(i) which is the fitch fuel injection skis!

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    Its injected so its the TXI. I have 2 of the same year and model, and both of them simply say TX on the side.

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    I thought that perhaps the "i" was used to indicate injected models, but I don't want to presume. By any chance do you have the issue with the little red light at the top coming on briefly from time to time?

    If it comes on it should explain what the problem is, correct?

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    In 2001 the injected didn't have the i on the ski, the TXi came with electric reverse and the MFD that went along with it and the red grips, with a black hood, cowling and seat ... the carb model was white with a beautiful Red hood, cowling and seat
    as one of two of mine below ...Al now owns this one

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