I know folks will go to all lengths to make their... pwc the best that it can be but today I had a topper.

....One of those things that happen every few years that make it to the top of your "back in the day" diatribes that typically prelude the guzzing of some not so old alcoholic beverage in front of some not so interested houseguests.

Well I had one today.

Have a ski in for a car rebuild..tempo fuel lines and all.

So I wheel that baby into bay #2 and start a workin...

WOW..what a stink!

Did somebody actually pour a bottle of cheap ass perfume into this ski or injected each cell of the styrafoam with whore stink!


I mean this was nasty-ee

I dropped the fuel strainer in the hull just to have an excuse to use the sikiconspray(sic) to clean it up with some gumnout tossed in for fine measure.

now at least

it smells like a ski should