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    Free MoTeC Training On Line

    Hi all
    As we get more PWC customers in the field the questions are becoming more and more frequent. The level of knowledge has risen a long way from last year when we first released PWC kits. Many of you guys out there are thirsty for knowledge and ready to tune your own engines.
    For those that have purchased our systems you may be starting to realise the power of the product and the value of true data logging. The time has come to learn some more and make use of the tools that you have purchased.
    To that end I am planning an informal MoTeC School .
    It will be along the lines of what the industry calls a “webinar” and similar to our PWC seminar.
    The cost will be zero.
    Our aim eventually is to offer the PWC seminar as a series of 1 hour webinars, but until that comes on line I would like to plan a series of mini webinars for you Green Hulk guys.
    I have recently trailed the software over with the Yamaha boys and they have asked for another one.
    The subject of the next webinar will be
    How to set up for and tune in larger Injectors
    Topics will be
    Choosing the right injector.
    ECU Set Up
    Download Data
    i2 Analysis Basics
    Lambda Tuning from data

    Confirmed Start Time
    6 PM California Time Wednesday the 25h of August
    9 PM Florida
    1 am France (Thursday)
    5 am Dubai (Thursday)
    11 am Melbourne Australia (Thursday)

    Entry will be via our website front page.
    An icon will appear there 1/2 hr before the meeting starts.
    I would encourage everyone to be there early so as to get used to the software.
    Also a good idea to log in with your Green Hulk name as there is live chat inside the meeting.

    Those attending should test their connection speed and "plug in" suitability here.
    Navigate around to learn some more about the software

    I expect things will go for about an hour, depending on questions.

    Remember access is through our website

    See you in there.


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    Thank you Pete, It would be great to hear this from Motec.
    Have a good day.

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    Thats awesome Pete!

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    Hi Guys
    If anyone missed out on the webinar and would like to view the recorded version, it has been uploaded to our website.

    We will eventually do a whole new page for these things but for now head over to and navigate to our products sections, then PWC Plug in ECU,s, the link is there.


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