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    Unhappy help with my 98 polaris SLXH 1050 jet ski

    I need to Mulit function display for this 98 slxh i just bought and been having a hard time finding one, its broke for sure. The guy forgot to give me back the old display anyway.
    I found one recently for a 95 SL750 for a good deal and it looks like it will fit and is also the 8 pin connector, I need to know if this will cross over to mine before I buy it and waste the money to have it not work.

    2nd thing is this jet ski for the first ten minutes was skipping and sputtered till it like warmed up or something,
    but also it wont just take off when you gas it, it bogs out and sputters and if you just gas it hard it will staul out.
    How I can get it to take off is to start it and feather the gas and then slam the choke all way on and just before it stauls out I take the choke off and hit the gas and she will go flying and take off.
    that worked great the first day i got it, then the 2nd day i took it out i did all that and it took off but was in the skip mode as i was going and then ten minutes into it i was cruising like 65 and it just said rrr.... and stopped and stauled out. I then started and turn it over and over and choked it to start it , it took off and then ran 20 seconds and died again, did this 3 times trying to make it back to dock and then finally it just gave out and now wont restart at all.
    I did put 87 gas in it, but I drained it out and put high octane and took back to lake, it started and took off, then died out and stauled and now still wont restart.
    Can anyone help me with this, I just bought this and paid good money and people around here are talking crazy money to fix it.
    They say i need to rebuild the carbs and trying to charge over $600 to do it.
    It looks to me also like there has been high performance mods done on this jet ski prior to me.
    It has Keihn carbs on it and and big long airfilter on top.
    Thank you for the help guys.


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    First off... Is the battery FULLY charged?
    When it wont start, is there spark to each plug? If not the stator might be taking a dump.
    If there is a strong blue spark, then you probably need your fuel system freshened up. Did this ski sit unused for any length of time?
    The 95 mfd should work, not sure if the trim speed is the same on both skis though.

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    Yes its a brand new battery and i can crank and crank and the battery has never gone dead.

    I think its getting spark because it kept re starting and taking off, and then dying.

    I take it from the history I was given that the guy that had it did a bunch of performance ehancements and paid to have a new engine put in it and then it died after running 2 tanks of gas through it, so he gave up and apparently let it sit for a year or two in the garage.
    A guy bought it from him and put the new computer back in it and it started up.
    but had the skipping or limp mode problem for first ten minutes,
    I just bought it from this guy last week.
    So trying to get a feel for all this.
    Thanks Rob

    also I put 87 low grade gas in it, would that have caused any problems, I drained it out and put high test and put a half bottle of octane booster in it this last time i went out.
    It took off and thought I cleared it up but then it was going full speed then just cut out and stauhled and now wont restart.

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    Is the fuel/water seperator full at all times with the red ring at the bottom? Are the fuel lines original grey tempo or have they been replaced? Try bypassing the petcock.
    Next time it does it try opening the gas cap, if it hisses, your vent is glogged, this actually happened to me this year.

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    98 slxh polaris 1050 no spark (fire)

    ok so now I have no spark or fire.
    A friend tested and said a real low voltage is coming out of the brown wire off the stator side. like 2 not cranking and like .4 while cranking? Does this mean stator is bad or Stator and CDI
    At first we thought it was the coils but every reading threads on here and doing this test we think its the stator but then I see on here it says if you do one you need to do the stator and CDI kit together to eliminate future night mares.
    The problem is the cheapest i found for this kit is like 500 to 600 bucks.
    I dont want to buy these and then have it not be it or still be having my original problem of the skipping and limp mode and boggin out before it lost spark and stopped running.
    I am in a dilemna because we are talking big big money to fix this.
    Can anyone help me out with this and some advice and best place to get good deal on parts.

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    You have several problems.

    It sounds like the carbs and fuel system need to be gone through.

    The electrical system needs to be checked, starting with the battery.

    If it needs an Ignition Update Kit, they cost around $300.

    Click the links below for the red domestic engine. Should get you going in the right direction

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    ok thanks man, I know so I got to fix the no spark fire problem first and then once I get that done, im sure the first problem with the skipping and bogging and limp mode will then still be there.
    It cost so much for parts and labor though. I guess we are just going to get the ignition update kit and hope that fixes the no fire problem and then I guess I will buy a carb rebuild kit and have my friend shannon rebuild the carbs, hopefully these 3 things will fix my problems, there isnt much else left unless my coil is bad like we were first thinking.
    He said when he tested the wire to the stator he was getting real low Voltage and that means stator is bad right?
    A PWC mechanic online told me my jet ski only books $700 and I paid $950 for it 2 weeks ago. and with putting another $800 in it to hopefully fix it or more I am way upside down on it. I hate that and especially when its possible I could spend all this money and it might not even fix it.
    The guy before me looks like they did some mods on it and this thing is super fast like 72 to 75.
    I got to days of riding out of it balls the walls after I got it up out of limp mode and she gets going it damn straight flies, I had blisters on my hands trying to stay on the thing and going airbone every wave I hit going that fast. I could not believe how fast it was.
    Supposedly they have put a new CDI in it, but I dont know if they did the stator so if old stator is still in with new CDI could that be causing any of these problems?

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