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Thread: 951 Jet Pump ?

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    951 Jet Pump ?

    Anyone running the WSM stainless steel wear ring on their 951 motored ski? I was wondering if it was worth the extra $$$ to get rid of the plastic wear ring on my 1999 GTX and go with the WSM model. The WSM one has a stainless steel insert that is supposed to fit tighter and last much longer that the stock plastic.

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    if the wear ring is stainless steel what is going to wear....the impeller. Not much of a "wear" ring I guess. See which one cost less

    Just my thoughts...


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    From my little experience and tinkering with skis over the past year, stay away from the stainless steel wear ring, you will end up spending more money on replacing your impeller when you do suck up a rock, as the stainless steel does not shred as easy.

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    go with the plastic one, it wont give you any problems as long as you dont suck anything up.

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    SS vs plastic?
    seadoo uses plastic (w/SS options available)
    yamaha uses SS (w/plastic options avail.)

    The key is DONT suck up rocks. If you find the plastic wears out too quickly the problem is probably in the driveline. Check for bad motor mounts or wear on the coupler.

    Oh, in saltwater only use the plastic. SD or Yamaha.

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