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    Msx110 Smokes badly ???Please help Thanks in advance

    I have recently purchased a msx110 with 100hrs on it the ski had been sittng for a while.Once got ski started it smoked bad the previous owner says it had never done that before???I am an auto tech by trade and am familier with mechanics and have had some turbo vehicles in the past.So I pull off the turbo intake plastic housing front of turbo and see an ugly site rust and debris in intake housing of turbo.But the turbo has very little loose play on shaft???In the auto field you have a vehicle smoking sometimes shaft and bushing wear causes oil to seep by and exit exhaust I.E. people think bad engine.Doesnt seem to be the case here as engine seems to run great and only smokes after sitting idle for a few second does this sound like a bad turbo to you guys?And after closer looking does the hull have to be seperated or engine removed to remove turbo?I can access all exhaust manifold bolts and get those off but wont be able to remove turbo or manifold looks to pull engine is A BIG CHALLENGE to me.What would be easier remove engine or split hull? Thank you for your help and replys. David

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    There are fewer Weber engine guys around here than for the other Polaris engines, so you may not get answers right away.

    Work through the Weber related threads in this forum, and the General forum, plus the links in my signature below.

    Rust is never good, makes me wonder about the rest of the engine, like the valve stems.

    If the oil level is too high (factory dipstick markings are misleading), oil can be forced into the intake, where it causes problems with sensor contamination.

    Removing the engine takes several hours, and everyone complains about it being a pain to do. The hull does not come apart.

    I presume you have cleaned up the rust and debris from the intake, and since run it on the water. Correct?

    If so, how well did it run? What was the maximum RPM? Sustained?

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    Have not run it other than in my garage.So dont know the max rpm prev owner say ran fine when parked.Surfed the other threads and saw where the oil stick is wrong seems to be correct oil level in engine as the prev owner had also informed me of this also he must been aware of this.And the hull does not seperate on this model?Wow this is gonna get good LOL.Have since I have since I posted my original thread went out and looked more at this thing and this may be sold as a parts vehicle dont know quite yet.Any help or info is appreciated Thanks for the reply.PS forgot to mention scared to take out on water smokes badly dont want to damage engine worse by running low in oil.
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    Smoking engine exhaust is cause for caution, of course.

    Before you run it, check cylinder compression. Also check spark plugs for any signs of Nicasil cylinder lining flaking off. If you have a borescope, look down the plug hole.

    You can keep it strapped down to the trailer front and rear, and back it down the launch ramp until the jet pump intake is submerged.

    Now you can run it with the seat off, for as long as you need to do your diagnostics.

    You can shut it down as needed and check oil level easily (may need to pull the trailer out to level ground to get an accurate reading).

    Make sure it is well restrained to the trailer, and you can apply throttle. The jet pump can deliver a strong thrust, so make sure the hull cannot push forward on the trailer, and the tow vehicle brakes are set.

    You will not see the same maximum RPM as you would running at full speed on the water, but you can get an idea whether the engine is delivering full power and 'close to specification' RPM.

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    Will do have taken a couple thing off to take a look see but will reinstall them and do as instructed.Thanks David I also will give an update as to my experence to help others these forums are so helpfull I am also a member of related forums in automotive industry and always use those as a sounding board.Thanks again

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    As you never mention if the ski was run in the water, was this ski "winterized" before it was parked a long time? If someone fogged the cylinders, you could just be burning off that oil (best scenario). A compression test would be the next step. If the ski has the plating issue or a bad head gasket a compression test will tell you. Either of these could also be causing the "smoke".

    Taking the engine out of the hull is a task, but it is not that bad. To get the exhaust manifold off, you will need to remove the intercooler, its hoses, the oil tank, the intake manifold, the starboard heat exchanger and bracket, jet pump and motor mount nuts. Then you can lift the engine and lay it on the intake side. Then the exhaust manifold comes right out. Alright, maybe it does blow.

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    The ski was not winterized and was taken to a pond and runfor aprrox an 20mins. since first post.Still smokes bad what is this thing worth as it sits I may just want to sell it?

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    Hi DBatchelor,

    Check out post no.6 for an opinion on turbo diagnostics.

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    Thanks Kosh I will try your diagnosis We will see what happens Thanks For the info David

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