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    Parting out 1999 Genesis Carbed

    I give up. I am parting out my Genesis. The ski is complete. It is in excellent cosmetic condition. 1 jug and piston are brand new with about 15 minutes of run time. I think it needs a stator. The motor is an SBT and has about 12 hours on it. Everything works. Dont really know how to go about parting it out but will help in any and all ways I can. The ski is located in southern New Jersey, I live in philly. I will be bringing this ski home to start stripping this weekend. Would sell it whole with the trailer for $1500. Whatever parts are needed I will remove and ship. You can give a call (267)970-2054 and leave a message, I will get back to you within an hour


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    PM Sent.

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    Shoot me a price on a good jug and also what you want for the seat(s).

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