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    Question vaccum problem

    i got a old 93 sl750 polaris and i went out on a limb and made on own restriction pill with a 87.5 jet ski starts up just fine and runs greats now thank for all you help but on the other hand i got a new problem..... after i get done running it and shut it off to change riders the vacuum line to the fuel pump and the bottom of the block that will suck fuel and put it in the fuel pump. so it's sucking fuel and not air i got pictures on this i was told to put a bottle of rubbing achol down the mag pto carb let it sit over night spin it over every once in a while and that would suck up all the fuel thats in the bottom of the crank case then the next mornignt go out there and mash the starter button untill nothing comes out of the vaccum line. well you see before it was stright oil that was in the vacuum line then i caped off the main oil like from the take to the oil pump and i do got the block off kit and will install in the winter cause i really dont want to pull that motor again to get to the bottom screw so right not it is stright 2 cycle oil and fuel coming out of my vacuum line i just put new fuel lines threw the hole ski checked all my check valves and tank vent lines and all is well i can take the plugs out and that vacuum line spin it over till i dont see anything comeing out of that line plug it in put plugs back in and hit the starter and it starts right on up....... not to sure what is going on here i took the restion pill out cause i though it was from that was making it flood and still nothing it still floods so what do i do now?

    how do i post pictures???
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    Your thread is a little hard to understand.

    You're getting fuel/oil inside the pulse hose going to the fuel pump?

    And who told you to use alcohol to remove it?

    1. Where is your fuel pump mounted?

    2. Is there any fluid trapped behind the diaphragm of the fuel pump?

    3. You have a carb or oil adjustment problem if you have ANY fluid sitting inside the engine case.

    To post pics you need to click the "go advanced" icon.

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    i have 2 cycle fuel coming out of the block threw the vacuum line in to the fuel pump i know thats not normall cause it runs just fine with out the fuel in that line then it does when the pto is flooded i think i have fixed it i re set pop off pressure it was all set to 15 psi and i drove it a few days then i checked it againwhen it was hard to start and the pto was 12 psi pop off so i stuck it up at 16-17 psi so when the motor is off it would not flood that pto cylinder and cause fuel to come out of my vacuum line so far it has worked going to put it in the lake today packing up stuff and headed that was now

    and i clicked on ATTACHMENTS and it does nothing so is there another way to add pictures? in case i get fed up and just want to sell this damn thing l ha ha ha ha

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    damn...I love this place.

    The fuel isn't leaking into the motor from the carbs; you have pop-off pressure, so your needles are seating.
    The oil isn't leaking into the motor through the carbs/intake; they have check valves.

    What's left?

    Replace or repair the fuel pump, assuming that it's mounted higher than the pulse fitting on the motor.

    Fuel is leaking in through the pulse fitting, and it's collecting at the lowest point in the motor (PTO).

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    750 should have 10-18 psi for pop off.

    If the ski vibrates really bad at idle, it can cause the needles to leak a bit. Which actually makes the ski run worse, and causes the needles to leak even more (catch 22)

    Or if the pop off is a bit low, and the fuel tank vents are clogged, it can force fuel past the carbs and directly into the engine.

    1. Have you ever rebuilt the carbs?

    2. Where is your fuel pump mounted?

    Oh, and to post pics.

    1. click reply

    2. click add attachments

    3. Select and add pics from your computer

    4. Drag pics to bottom of page andclick insert inline.

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