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    Opinions Please: pro 785

    I'm looking at this 97 pro 785 from a distance. I haven't got to see/touch/fell it yet. The top is mint. The bottom... well...

    I own an sl780 and slx780 now. Both white hulls. I know there's some rash on them, but its not as easily visible as the rash on the red hull of the 785.

    Check the pic and let me know if you think its normal wear, or if it's excessive.
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    I have seen many a pro bottom roughed up or sanded on purpose, the thought was with a rougher bottom it would go faster thru the water with small air bubbles rather than a smooth slick bottom that would stick to the water surface,
    Or something like that, I saw an old post here on the official outcome of testing the theory,
    Now back to the question at hand, a lot of riders just leave the ski at the beach, or shore line while having a frosty beverage, and the wave action back and forth makes the bottom roughed up, starting and stopping in sandy water takes its toll on the impeller,
    As long as it is water tight, with no gouges, it should be OK,
    You can put some 3M buffiing compound on it to bring the shine back,
    But check the impeller clearance for excessive wearing,

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    like ski said i would only worry about it if there are major deep scares.. my sl has some rash like that and its water tight

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    I know a lot of people get hung up on what the bottom of the ski looks like... but I beach my skis, and they have scratches on the bottom. (scratches, not gouges) Personally, from the pic, I don't see anything that would keep me from buying the ski... or even trying to use that as a tool to lower the price. If the bottom of that hull was white, you would hardly tell it was scratched up.

    Once you can see it up close, and personal... as long as it's just superficial, and there aren't any other problems... buy it.

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    Thanks guys, I just want to be realistic...

    We beach our skis from time to time as well, but they are white so they don't really show scuffs like red does.

    Any idea on what the clearance should be by the impeller?

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    The tighter the better... but I think Polaris sets the top of the service limit spec at 0.020".

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    Quote Originally Posted by ujustlost View Post
    Enter chick scream here____________________________ !!!!

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    Thats just beach rash destroying the gelcoat and lowering the price of the ski.. not to If you need help fixing it, read my Paint sticky..

    any scrape that goes low enough to see glass is too deep and needs to be addressed. otherwise delamination and possible blistering can occur.. long scrapes indicates the ski ran over something and maintained contact and could of caused a crack.

    The rest just looks bad. probably was beached its whole life. I trailer mine and dont usally beach it like at starved rock.. usually its tied off to a boat floating alone.

    I had a 14 foot fiberglass boat that ended up sinking because of the bottom of the lake sanding it down during a bad storm.. got the wrong wind overnight and the lake sanded down the boat in 4 or 5 different spots about 1 foot sq each. Just started to go all the way thru.. little hole started.. the boat was as thick as these skis.. we did glass it and fix it biggie.. then foamed the entire boat and glass it with 1/4' roven. never parked it on the lake again! lol

    it was unbelievable how much damage occured in 1 night..

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    Thanks bow

    Here's a couple other shots

    Looks like there more to this. The middle of the hull at the front has been patched up a bit. Owner said it was cosmetic and he did it on his own. Said the hull was fine before hand but wanted to patch up some wear but ended up making it look worse than it was. I know this spot on my 780 is worn badly due to previous owners beaching it constantly.

    To sort of test this area in person, i've heard of taking a quarter and tapping the glass work. If its hard you can tell by the sound.. If its soft you can't hear much when tapped. Any other suggestions?

    More pics for clicks!

    Its a 97... there's no cracking on the deck and it hasn't been reinforced. From talking to the owner, the water routing hasn't been address either. Motor was rebuilt a couple years ago due to the oil injection going out. Its now converted to premix. The top is minty.

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