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    Service toolmarket heating up

    in the last few days....

    Seacandoo ships..with a home option at a very affordable home user price ( perfect for folks who live a long way from a dealer, or have their ski on a small lake in the middle of nowhere or have a small rental fleet...likely my buddies in mexico won't be shipping me mpem's much longer))

    SBT announces that they are extending their first round software for another year (I see this as a countering move to keep people in their market, since my plan was to move to the next tier if there was no update available to convince me to pay for next year's license. ( I would have likley done that I need a 4-tec keycoder but I would have waited till the season started..and who doesn't want software revenue in January) In any event, for whatever reason ( maybe software is behind schedule, nothing new there), it's a welcome move to keep my investment alive for another season ( also makes it more likely I'll renew for at least one season if I make enough lanyards next season)

    Scan-sea announces their two stroke version( congratulations, no doubt that was quite a puzzle to solve) with a free software update and a $295 bit of hardware needed, in this announcement, they make some positioning statements about their product being for shops only..I see that as a comment on seacandoo's home user option..they also want to start a forum for shops only and remind folks not to misuse their tool ( such as making lanyards without checking ownership....I've had this policy from the day I started coding lanyards, and I get a bit of guff about it, but stick by my guns.).

    I don't see individuals buying a service tool unless they are already doing some of their own work, and to be blunt, they aren't coming into my shop to pay me to fix their ski, these are the folks that show up sunday morning looking for a set of oil filter o-rings or some stainless hardware ( you don't have the original seadoo nuts?..I'm not going to use these..they don't match). I'm not too concerned about individuals buying tools that take away from my business.

    I'm waiting an update from SBT and some field feedback from seacandoo before I make choices for next seasons tool lineup.

    While I'd like to have a full function tool like scansea, I can go piecemeal since most of my business is seadoo two strokes..and I've managed without specialty tools for the other brands so far (on the other hand I'm the smallest of shops with no employees)

    I Like the seacandoo DI's the cheapest entry for a DI owner to get a handle on their machine and I'd sure like to have one for that reason alone as I have a few DI owners in my fold ( Luckily my parts boats serves as a good diagnostic tool)

    In the current economy, more service tool options means everybody can play and not pay for features they really don't need.

    I still dream about being a megatech however.....

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    are these "home use tools" enabling people to program DESS keys?

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