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Thread: Lots of Parts!

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    Lots of Parts!

    Ok, time to upgrade my stock skis. Here is what I'm looking for...

    For a 2001 GP1200R:
    - Pump Seal Kit
    - Pump Tunnel Reinforcement
    (I realize I will probably just have to get the first two from a store, but hey, it's worth a shot)
    - R&D Intake Grate (PRO 2 Aquavein single bar)
    - R&D Ride Plate (Jim's Plate would be awesome)
    - D-Plate and Temp Sensor Chip
    - Jetworks Mod Kit
    - Riva Boyseen Reed Stuffer Kit

    For a 2004 GP1300R:
    - Pump Seal Kit
    - Pump Tunnel Reinforcement
    - R&D Intake Grate (PRO 2 Aquavein)
    - R&D Rideplate
    - D-Plate and Sensor Chip


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    abe, im pretty close to you, check your pm.

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    Think i have r and d Jims plate will ck tommorow

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