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    Yamaha 1200XL broke piston

    I recently picked up a 1200XL that has a small piece on top of piston that broke and scared one of the cylinders. My question is should I completely remove the engine to inspect for any damage to the crank and bearings or can I possibly just resleve and install a new piston? I know that removing and inspecting the entire engine would be best but has anyone seen something like this and just resleaved and replaced the piston with good results?

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    I would recommend that you pull the engine to make sure that there is no further damage and that all the debris and things are removed from the bottom end.

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    you said resleeve .is this a sbt motor? if not it is nikisil .get it replated and make sure nothing is in the case .do not use a sleeved cylinder along with plated not a good idea.plated runs cooler.if they are sleeved pm me I can help you

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