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    Pro 785 fuel pump HELP PlEase

    Im back to working on my pro rebuilt top end and am having problem getting gas to carbs.Im not sure how long its been sitting ,whats best way to get it primed again?I cant even see the fuel pumps ,or a vacum line the operates them. where does it conect to on carb side intake? Please help me.......

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    Take the fuel arrestor off and hold your hand over the carbs while you are cranking it over.

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    I like to prime the carbs by removing the return line from the center carb attach a hose from the carb to a bucket then apply 5-10 psi to the line you removed going to the fuel tank keep the pressure on till you get a good steady flow into the bucket. Reattach and fire it up.

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    I understand what you guys are saying but Im not even sure whether the fuel pumps are pulse or vacum operated? I think I see the lines under the carbs I took one off its a small tube I put my finger over it but didnt feel anything.I did put some fuel in the carbs and it will start when I do this.

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    They are pulse operated. You will see (2) pulse lines coming from the case to the carbs. I'm not sure if you will feel any vaccum

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