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    Smile Side View Mirror Adjustment

    I have an '08 Ultra 250X and are having trouble with my right side mirror. I can see fine out my left mirror but my right mirror is too low and I have not been able to move it to adjust it to where it needs to be with me riding. It doesn't move, my left side will wiggle just a bit but it is OK but like I said, my right side needs to come up. Has anyone out there had this problem on the Ultra's or any Kawasaki jetski. Do they have any mirror adjustments?? Any help will be much appreciated...Thanks!!

    Stevie Z

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    Yes, the mirrors are adjustable. Mine were the same way and I didn't think they could be adjusted until I pushed really hard on one corner and finally got them to move. You need to spray some lube in behind the mirror and then move it back and forth in all directions. The mirror is mounted on a plastic ball and cup swivel that tends to get very stiff (especially if riding in salt water or you get a lot of dust from trailering over gravel road).

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    Thanks a bunch kman! Soaked the back sides of both mirrors with silicone spray, loosened them up quite a bit. Adjustment completed...

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