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    95 SL750 Fuel Line Replacement/Carb Cleanout

    Ok, found out that the lines from the fuel pump to all the carbs are the original grey lines, so....I'll be replacing those lines and installing the three outlet fuel pump.

    Couple of questions.

    1. How do I plug the extra holes on the carb? I'd really appreciate if someone could even give me part numbers that I would need. I've seen pictures, but it's difficult to tell how they did it. I did a search and didn't really see a step by step.

    2. Are the zip ties made for fuel lines sufficient? I've never used zip ties for gas lines before, but I've seen them used countless places. Are those sufficient?

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    1. Get a good quality (fuel resistant) cap. Some have soldered the opening shut. And others have used a bolt. No matter what you use, make sure it's an air tight seal.

    2. Zip ties have worked for many. I personally would buy some hose clamps. The worm gear style is what factory uses, but I like the fuel injection pinch type clamps for removal, or Oetiker clamps work great too.

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