Recently picked up a 99' Ultra 150. My second jetski. First was a JS300, but that was only about 2 weeks before the Ultra and I haven't touched it much since the 150 showed up.

Haven't been able to ride it as I'd like yet because I have a fractured right shoulder, but it needed a little work to get going and now that is done.

I just bought a Shreadmaster plate and the pump is at Ski Worx getting a modded impeller, bearings, and blueprint. Stock grate. I may modify it as in the mods thread, but that is TBD or future. No plans for aftermarket grate right now.

Looking at sponsons that will work with my current equipment. Are the Worx sponsons any good? I've also heard Beach House mentioned a lot, but haven't seen many for sale in the classified sections.

I ride on a freshwater lake, calm water. Looking for high speed straight line stability, and smooth stable predictable turning - like rails. Occasional racing for fun in a bouy course. Still want the wife to be able to ride it too.