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    95 96 water box differences?

    How can you tell and what are the differences in the 95 and 96xp waterboxes? I need a 95xp box for PSI pipes.

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    Both of those were known to have baffles that would break apart & cause restriction.

    Get a 97 & up SPX white box.

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    My paperwork for the PSI pipes says they need the back pressure of the 95 box and the 96 would have a large power loss. I think I have a 96 box how do I tell?

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    I went out and looked at both waterboxes (95XP800 & 96XP). I have both skis. The difference is the outlet position on the can sits further back on one.
    My baffle broke in my 95XP800. I cut it into and rewelded all the baffles. You would be wise to do that also if you find a used waterbox. Most baffles break loose on those older waterboxes.

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    s/d daddy, if you could take a pic of each you have no idea how much it would help me. I can't tell which one I have or what exactly I'm looking for.

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