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Thread: Carb slime

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    Carb slime

    Figured I would post this over here, more activity.
    Anyone know what this oily paste is that sprays up from my carbs? I was told it could be a lean condition, there is no fluid behind the diaphragms or in the pulse lines.

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    Carbs spit back... it's normal for that to happen. A reed valved 2-stroke is worse than other types of engines. (unless I'm looking at the wrong thing) That's why velocity stacks work so well. They accelerate the air, and recapture that fuel. I'm manufacturing a set right now for the Honda Super hawk, and they are getting 7 hp, and having to lean out the main jets. (less fuel more HP is a good thing)

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    Nothing to worry about Tim. Check my response in your other post.

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