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Thread: Domino Effect

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    Domino Effect


    I want to eat my cake and save it at the same time. I want to keep my 07 GTX Ltd as stock as possible but make some performance changes.

    Can i modifiy the Exhaust, intake system, intercooler and impeller with out having to make changes to the fuel injectors and ECU (Domino Effect)? I planning to build my own intake manifold, intercooler and exhaust.

    I want make the ski run efficiently, sound nice and reach at least 75mph. In Bermuda it is all offshore riding and I like to ride hard and long sometimes 2hours non-stop in large rolling surf.

    Any advise would be appriciated.

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    x-charger and #42 injectors and repitch your impeller and call it a day

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    You will need to do alot to get 75mph on a 215hp GTX.

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    That goal is a little steep for the modifications you want to do. That setup will hit between 70-71mph max and you would need bigger injectors or a RRFPR (rising rate fuel pressure regulator.

    My advice:

    Fizzle 4" Air Intake
    Riva Top-loader Intake Grate
    Riva Pro-series Waterbox
    Race Engineering OPAS Block-offs
    Riva "GEN2" Power Cooler (Same intercooler from the 2008 RXT-X)
    Seadoo X-Supercharger
    Rude RRFPR
    Solas 15/22R Impeller

    If you want to talk or ride sometime here shoot me a PM and I'll give you my number.

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