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    Seedoo 1998 gsx limited conversion ideas.

    Title said it all.

    I have been donated a gsx hull, and ideas for a suitable powerplant?

    I was thinking a rxp. cut the hull and hinge it so it opens up to allow the engine to be implanted and then cut out a couple of slots and fibre glass in some "power bulges" to allow the engine to fit.

    Hull was free so no loss if it doesnt work.

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    Going to be starting a 98 gsx in a couple of months. Keep an eye out for a thread.

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    Motor is too with the exhaust manifold, a HUGE bulge would be needed...I've always wondered what a GSXL hull would be like with a 1200/1300 motor out of a GPR

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    that's a pretty big engine compartment. You might get away with more than you think. Chris in Florida has a CF GSX with a Polaris1200 triple piper in it.

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