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    Just sank the 04 RXP AGAIN. FOUND SOMETHING!!

    OK, real quick. I am out in the garage working on it now. Just a quick history. I have been on this site troubleshooting for the last 5 months. I bought this used with 45 hours and it had a slight cavitation problem that got worse. I have replaced the following that fixed my problems.

    New rubber boot and carbon ring
    New prop
    New wear ring
    New O-ring large one on pump.

    Carbon ring and boot finally fixed the cavitation, but just about 3 hours ago while riding I felt a very small mis or a bump. The boat then started running slower and did not feel like the Super charger was working. It then died and immediatly sank. I had to jump off the damn thing. I have it apart now and nothing seems to stick out just yet. Any ideas?? I was thinking rubber boot, but looks fine. Is there some way the water cooled exhaust can break somewhere and fill the boat up with water??

    I will check back in a few to see if anyone has any ideas on what to look for.

    Thanks, Bryan
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    Check your Carbon ring ASSY, Exhaust Plug and exhaust if it has rear exhaust. That's about the only areas that can cause one to sink that fast bro that I know of.

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    Back the ski into the water on a trailer and let it run or ride around near the ramp and stand on it with the seat off and take a look around.

    Issues with the carbon ring often dont present themselves until the ski is under throttle. I had one leak a year ago and it only started doing it at WOT. It broke my balls trying to troubleshoot it.

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    check for any loose water hoses that are leaking water inside the hull...

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    Check your left rear engine mount

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    Take your water box out and take the covering off it and look for holes or cracks ... what happened sounds possibly like an exhaust leak (that will slowly choke off and kill the engine), and then the cooling water from the exhaust started filling your hull too.

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    One more thing to check is that your prop is tight in the housing. I say this because this happened to me twice and my ski almost sank.

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    Exhaust hose more than likely

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    Update. Dont see anything!!! Had water everywhere. I dried it out and fogged the cylinders. Got it back running, but not running right. Think maybe a fouled plug. I took it to the boat ramp and no water at all. I unloaded it and ran around the ramp area, because I was scared it would sink again. Nothing!!! I never got up to speed though. I am going to change plugs and see if I can get it running right. I may have hurt the engine this time. It ran until it stopped, so maybe have hurt something inside. May do a compression check and leak down before I replace the plugs. The water had to come from the rubber boot or exhaust it seems. The boot and carbon ring are new, but I quess something could have caused it to fail.

    What next? Bryan

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    You sure the c-clip is on the driveshaft ?

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