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    4-tec head compatibility

    I bought a 2004 RXP that dropped a valve. Block looks OK, so far, need to tear down to look at crank, plan on replacing rod & piston, but the head is toast; except cam & valvetrain looks OK... I've read thru the archives, and it looks like I should look for a late 06+ head with the solid valves, but I can't find a good summary of what heads out of what models will work. For example, will a 07+ 155 NA head work? Only SC heads? What is the difference?

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    If you look at the part numbers in the online microfiche the head and valve part numbers are the same from a 130, 155, 215 engine. I got a used 07 130 head and the numbers on the valves were the same as the ones recommended on here. Im in the process of fixing it up for install now!

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    Also, use your 04 cam with 04 rocker arm shaft in the 07 head. If you use the 07 cam and rocker arm you need to remove the oiler jet in the 04 block. The 04 cam is a wee bit better performing cam then the newer cams!

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