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    Somebody who knows about the rear crank seal(s) on a GP1200

    The rear most seal came out of it's seat, why I don't know. I took a pair of snips and cut the metal casing off so it would quit acting like a lathe on my PTO. Looking at the service manual there are 2 rear crank seals. Knowing that there are 2 seals back there and having experience with 2 and 4 stroke engines, I have taken it to the lake a couple times and had no discernable issues.

    This leads me to the question, what is that freakin rear most seal there for? And what am I risking (other than the obvious blown engine) by continuing to run it this way? Generally other non watercraft two stroke engine I have disassembled would only have one seal in this location.

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    Nevermind...I just went and checked out my ski and it has blown the crank side seal out now. Seems the PTO side must be there to help hold that one in. Luckily the cranking pressure is still 120 PSI on that cylinder so it doesn't seem injured.

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    I had a similar issue blowing out rear crank seals and supposedly the manuel is wrong and tell you to put them in backwards.

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    You will probably have a vacuum leak if you operate it with only one seal.

    All it takes is one good backfire to blow the seal out. Most use Yamabond to help hold replacement seals in.

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    Outer seals have tabs that face outwards.

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