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    Kawasaki Xi Sport Wont Start

    Hi there, i find this a strange one. I bought this 1 cheap as a wee back up for anyone wanting to come out with us. I took it out in the sea and that day it ran fine. i didnt find it quick but could be because i have a yamaha gp1200 . Anyway i cant get it to fire up now aftre the 1 day. it got flushed and then next day wouldnt start up. heres the thing. The engine turns, fuel goes through the in-line filter ok. I got spark in both. the compression is correct in both cylinders but wont start. We tried fuel down carb, no joy , so we tried fuel in the cylinder too, still no fire, cranks over no problem. Im confused. any help much appreciated

    told ski is a 99 maybe a 650 or 750 but sure a 750. thanks, chris

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    if its yellow and white it a 99, 750, you might be flooded

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    either the flywheel has spun on the crank (most likely), or your crank seals have gone south ( should still provide some sputter of life if the spark is near the correct timing

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    i get no splutter at all. just the engine turning over. no cough , no splutter

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