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    Need help 95 waverunner 3 701

    I have a 95 waverunner 3 gp 701 motor. Bone stock nothing done to it, well it wouldnt start so i put a start relay on it. Worked great rode all day , then while sitting at the dock hit the button it started and wouldnt stop. Pulled the lanyard hit stop button (cussed) etc. Disconnected battery it quit got home hooked up battery worked fine kept trying it then it did the same thing. So i figued switch went bad on handlebars. Bought a new one.$$$$$ put it on same thing, so i was like all i got left is the starter. yet again brand new one . and as soon as you hook the battery up same thing happens!!!!!! It starts and doesnt stop. Iam sure its something simple please help what should i do next???????

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    Your starter is just responding to the electricity that is being sent to it. The starter might as well be a light bulb letting you know that the electrical circut is completed (closed) by turning on. The question is WHY is the electrictiy getting to the starter.

    You did not say why you got a starter relay in the first place. I am not a sparktrition, but from my perspective, I would check the wiring harness for any obvious breaks (short circuts) in the line, and would rethink that starter relay. Sometimes they stick in the closed postition.

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