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    250 only reving 6500

    guys my 250 is only reving 6500 but is making full boost on the gauge speedo reading 54 mph just put new belt on blower and was idleing rough and put new idle motor on it but still iratic idle

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    are yoy saying eliminate the bov and also what was flopping around ?? Thanks

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    ok do i just block off the inlet were the hose goes too the airbox from the bov

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    waz also when i put my blower belt on i had the tensioner all the way backed off and belt was still really tight too go on had too bump motor over too roll it on is this normal... it also looks like the pulleys has a extra groove so mine is riding toward the front of the supercharger pulley not the back is this ok

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    on a brand spanker belt you will need to turn the sc pulley around by hand, porbably safer than using the motor. You should not have an extra groove. can you get a pic.

    to block the bov you need to make a thick metal cover plate or buy one, remove the bov, attach the plate. give the bov to the dog as a toy. You can block the hole on the air box if you wish.

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    thanks guyzzzzzz

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    air box horn was loose that was the problem thanks too all !!!!

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