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    Just did the red/purple mod and now the bilge runs all the time.

    Ok, I have a 96 SL 700 and i am having the warm start issue. I took the red/puple wire taht runs from the CDI to the other half of the case, and was plugged in with all teh other red/puple wires, and moved it to the orange strip. Now even when the egine is not running, the bilge pump runs. Is this normal?

    There are multiple red/puple wires and I hope I got the right one.

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    Not quite right.

    The ONLY Red/Purple connection to Orange terminal should be the single wire that runs directly into the CDI module. All other Red/Purple wires must connect to the Red/Purple terminals.

    You need to physically separate the CDI Red/Purple from all the others, and only connect THAT Red/Purple wire to the Orange terminal.

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