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    Talking ocean city md hurricane swell jumping

    if anyone is intrested . going to the shoals for the hurricane swell . i will be in the ocean city inlet at 7Am sat with a grey and white gpr 1200 and wearing a blue helmet (nick name gilligan) even though i live in de...i will be putting in at the western shore marina look forward to metting anyone who wants to jump waves. it's gonna be sick!!!!

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    Hey there...
    I met up with you while out there. I was riding the yellow GP800R. Good riding with ya...

    I dunno if I'll be able to do tomorrow...the ski doesn't want to turn over atm. Got back to the house...everything was working great. Stopped to talk to the kids at the dock, and then it didn't want to crank. Sounds like a buzz comming out of it. I was initially thinking starter, but the digital readout isn't doing anything either. Maybe battery, but I'll check in the morning.

    If I get out there...I'll definitely be bringing the camera...those were very nice swells today.

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    Good news ...was only a loose battery terminal. I may be out there today. If so, only for a short bit.

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    asphalt, dirt, and water are my playgrounds. ViperRy's Avatar
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    Awesome! I love jumping swells at the shoals. You guys up for going again the week after labor day? A couple buddies and I should be going.

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    I'll be going back out probably this Wednesday with a buddy of mine. I'll also be out there this Labor Day weekend.

    Not sure about the week after...have to look at the schedule...

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    Hehe...I might have picked up another guy depending on the status of his ski, but it'll mean we go on Thursday instead.

    Just posing a question out there...I'm pretty decent at graphs, but I am a bit confused at this one:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Storm2.JPG 
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ID:	212564

    There are two different scales on the sides...the left starts at 0 and the right at 3. Does anyone know what they represent?

    I know they mean height in feet, but just for instance, the first entry for 2SEP could be showing a Surf Height of 3.8 or 6.8 and a Swell Height of 2.2 or 5.2.

    Could it mean Surf Height on the left and Swell Height to the right or vice versa?

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    asphalt, dirt, and water are my playgrounds. ViperRy's Avatar
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    From that graph I'd just go by what it says on the bottom as the max surf height.

    Either way, Thursday is going to be AWESOME! I'm still trying to get off work!

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    CT Marsh Dredging Crew STItaxi's Avatar
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    Surf and swell heights on the left scale, wave period on the right scale. They probably should label it though...

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    After looking at it for a day+, I figured it out to be what you said STItaxi. Thanks guys.

    Today is going to be a good day.

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    How was it out there today? Anyone going to be down there tomorrow?

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