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    problem with hours counter on RXP


    I have a problem with my 06 RXP. It has 37 hours on it. I can go out riding for some hours and everything is ok, it counts the hours perfect. But if I stop the engine and take it out for a new ride the day after, the hours counter goes back to 37 hours ? Why ? I have the Rotax Racing ECU on if it matters ?

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    I wish mine did that. HaHa!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boosted-delslow View Post
    I wish mine did that. HaHa!!!!
    +1, that's not a real big problem in my eyes... I guess if you decided to sell it you can just say you have no idea how many hours it has on it, and you would be telling the truth. The downside is you don't know when to perform certain services like oil changes, etc.

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    wow this is so not a problem lol
    but if you are woried about service times you can buy one of those little aftermarket hour meters and slap it on there like these:

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