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    Question Motec vs. Rotax 8800

    Hi everyone,

    for the people who have tryed Motec and the Rotax 8800RPM, which do you think is best for a superstock rxp for CC racing.. Motec vs Rotax 8800RPM?

    I would appreciate your feedback


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    motec will be the best. it has way more options and parameters you can adjust. you put all the fine detail an hr's of r&d it takes to squeeze every last drop out of your engine combo it will be hands down better then the rotax. you bet your last dollar the bid dogs aren't buying pre-programed ecu's and winning the big events. on the same token i'd imagine it takes alooooooooot of work/time to get your motec set-up right!

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    We can't compare between Motec and Rotax ECU due to ECM limitation, as per Mike said Motec can be adjusted but Rotax is completed setup from factory, so it must difference.
    Rotax setup to used with fuel injector for 60lbs but Motec can be used 50lbs, 60lbs, 73lbs 82lbs with standard engine because, Motec can reduce setting fuel system.
    However, if you would like to modify until full race step, Motec must be better, Motec have logging, you may use this feature for engine checking, the result can be show on your notebook. and you can install Motec ECM instead of OEM ECM for various PWC or your car but you just only change adapter loom connector that is fine.
    All of ECM as above depend on your purpose of PWC useing.
    Have fun ridding my friend.

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