today i test new ViPec with likely stage 3 setup,

i have set fuel PSI to static 65psi as Riva suggest,

log file attach,
(ViPec software can be download here :
http://www.rivaracing.com/ecu/VTS_4-5-1_Setup.zip ,
Menu : Loging/Open log file


Top GPS number so low around 119Km/h ,
so lean at WOT 13.9,

123 logfile 65 static psi,
456 1by1 increese psi /1boost

i'm also curious about max RPM ,123 logfile say above 9000 ,
(why limit not hit ,why let motor spin at that max )

456 file around 8100rpm max

i have no TAC install ,using stock dash show max at 8000.

please help me before my motor will have more problem,

should i change injector ,log said only 85% duty circle max,
i think should be fine no need to using large CC injector untilll 100%+

PS : i'm using Riva staga III base map ,every calibration done.

Stock Remote Control also do not work with RiVa Suplly Remote Control Reciever!