we are about $300 in price. whats a good price for this.

03 GPR 1300

40 hours

RIVA GPR Pump Seal Kit
RIVA GP1300R Top-Loader Intake Grate
RIVA GP1300R Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RIVA GP1300R Cat Removal D-plate
RIVA Pro-Series E.F.I. Control Unit
RIVA GP1300R Power Filter Flame Arrestor
Solas DynaFly Impeller YG-DF-14/20
2005 and up GP1300R jet pump
Ride plate re-enforcement
Hydro Turf Mats

no trailer included in the deal. kbb trade is 2950. retail 4295

nada 4500 retail. please remember our season is coming to a end quickly and the ski will basically sit until next year.