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    Please Help - Wit's End

    I have 1997 Polaris SL780.

    After riding for approx 20 mins engine losing power and I smelled rubber. Stopped all the rubber exhaust is melted on the inside and waterbox can't be touched. Engine is not overheated I can hold my hand on everything up to the end of the cast iron exhaust.

    Got it home took all the exhaust off checked everything replaced rubber exhaust, cleaned orifices. The little screen inside exhaust slightly plugged cleaned it well.

    Since I wasn't sure loss of power and RPMs was due just to hot exhaust I changed fuel pump which I had planned on and already had waiting, changed out all the grey fuel line. Readjusted Hi-Lo screws and changed fouled plugs.

    Brought it out today and it ran great we went out about same distance stopped sat around 10mins I said how pleased I was and took off. Shortly after that it felt funny again, I could feel the waterbox thru the hull and when stopped I could smell it burnt again.

    Engine still not hot though. How much water should be passing into where that filter screen while running? What is inside the waterbox? Can it go bad?

    Bummed Out

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    Zig, you are not alone.

    Polarisnut#1 and myself have also experienced the same issue.

    The 780 orifice for cooling the exhaust hoses is only 1mm. Make sure the screen and orifice is clear.

    What I did that seems to have helped was to run a coat hanger or something through the exh pipe. All the silt/sand that the filter screens out settles in the pipe and causes weak water pressure through the oriifce.

    Polarisnut#1 ended up doing the same as me and installing a 650/760 orifice which is 2.3mm and said he didn't notice any performance loss.

    Hope this helps you out.

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    Thank You.

    I will try to find a 650 orfice since I need new exhaust hose as well. I had the exhaust right off and it seemed clean inside?

    If my main intake was plugged could I get enough water to keep engine cool but yet bake the exhaust?

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    It will appear clean inside, but the sediment will fill in passages inside the exh pipe.

    If the main was clogged, you would also over heat the engine.

    Something is reducing water pressure to the cooling orifice.

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