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    Msx 110 smoking Msx 110 Smoking Please Read

    Thanks In advance guys.Ok started working on this thing First pulled the oil tank off
    and the baffle is loose would this cause my smoking problem?I also have continued to read threads on here.And I have found that oil was in the intercooler but very little to no amount and the rubber i/cooler elbows were coated with oil.When I remove the intercooler hose at the throttle body I see oil standing there also hence smoking exhaust.If I pull the intercooler hose to the throttle body off and ran ski just on motor with no turbo if the smoking went away that should do one of two things tell me if the tank is making it smoke or the turbo?Also have checked the turbo shaft play as mentioned in other threads and seems to be ok as it is not hitting the housing and does not seem to have excessive play like I had before thought.I have seen several threads on here talking about the same problems.Again Thanks for your Replys David

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