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    1997 XP and 1998 XPL + trailer

    I need to sell both my skis for financial reasons. First one is a 1997 XP in good condition, and the second is a 1998 XPL in good condition. I have never had any problems with these skis. I was planning on building up the XPL and turning the XP into a beach cruiser but life happens... I did put Hydro-Turf on both the ski's and put new bearings and re-wired the trailer. The ski's come with the trailer, covers, life-vests, and some spare parts. I am only asking $4550 for everything listed.

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    Where are you located?

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    ooops.... probably should have put that in the original post...

    I am located in Gainesville Florida.

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    Beautiful skis! How do you like the hydroturf as compared to the stock mats?

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    Thanks for the compliments... The hydroturf is a million times better than the old worn out stock mats...

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